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The First Nova Scotia International Entrepreneurship Competition will be held on NSINS. This is the first competition in Halifax focusing on supporting local entrepreneurs coming from different places across the world.

All business ideas are welcome. Whether these ideas are mature or just beginning. As long as you think these ideas are workable and doable, we will have several training sessions to guide your idea into the right way, and to ensure that you are provided more useful and detailed suggestions.

Starting from January, teams will be trained to formulate their business ideas, create business plans, talk to potential customers and conduct final pitch. We will send teams to local workshops, events, and networking sessions. There are two streams of the competition including Lifestyle/traditional and Technical/scalable; each stream will have one final winner.

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The purpose of this competition is to support local entrepreneurs coming from different place across the world. It is imperative that as part of the Nova Scotia community, we harness and support the g

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