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The purpose of this competition is to support local entrepreneurs coming from different place across the world. It is imperative that as part of the Nova Scotia community, we harness and support the growth of business skills and talent in our society. As unemployment is high especially for the millennial generation, supporting and developing new business ideas would lead new businesses being establish broadening the job market for younger population. Statistics state that Nova Scotia only retain around 2% of all university graduates, crucial talent that could be used to grow the city of Halifax as a whole.

Our purpose as the NSINS is to give young innovative minds a platform on which they may create business ideas, work in teams and receive professional guidance along the way. This completion not only gives young entrepreneur the courage and motivation they need to see their business ideas through, but is also to give the a real world experience of competitiveness in business. Through this competition our aim is to provide professional assistance in terms of creating a business plan, scoping out potential customers as well as getting the candidates accustomed to pitching their ideas to and audience.

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