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Nova Scotia International Entrepreneurship Competition

       The 2018 Nova Scotia International Entrepreneurship Competition is the first competition in Halifax focused on supporting local entrepreneurs with global ambitions. The competition is open to either entrepreneurs who come from different places across the world or local entrepreneurs who are looking for exporting their products worldwide. We believe the international emphasis will help build relationships between Halifax and the rest of the world, and will offer new cross-cultural opportunities. 

        Starting from late September, entrepreneurs will be trained to formulate their business ideas, create business plans, talk to potential customers, and conduct a final pitch. We will send teams to local workshops, events, and networking sessions. There are two streams of the competition to accommodate two different types of entrepreneurial ambitions. The first is the Lifestyle/traditional stream, while the other Technical/scalable stream. Each stream will have one final winner. The prizes will be given from local corporates such as business consulting, immigration services, lawyers’ fees and accounting fees as business credits, which help both the entrepreneurs and the corporate partners involved. APPLY NOW!

Engage, Retain, and Succeed Nova Scotia International Entrepreneurs!

Eligibility Criteria

    1. Entrepreneurs who come from a different country (international students, refugees, immigrants, etc.) and want to operate businesses in Nova 

    2. All applications are welcome. However, business with more than three months effective operation won’t be considered for the final presentation.
        Examples of effective Operation are but not limited: revenue, mass promotion in the community or strong cash flow


Competition Process:

    1. Registration: applications are now open.
    2. Qualifying Round: each candidate will be qualified by a 5-10 mins presentation video OR an one-page business description, by Emailing to     
    3. Training: all qualified teams will be provided several training sessions and lectures to improve business ideas.
    4. Semifinals: all trained teams will be judged by NSIEC Committee and conducted 3 teams of each stream as 6 finalists. 
    5. Final Round: all finalists will be judged by NSIEC Committee AND publics on Final Round Evening.


Competition Schedule

September 28th Application Deadline
October 7th Workshop/Training Starts
November 7th Final Pitch Competition



First Prize (for both of categories):
$8000 Value of service including space, law, accounting and marketing services and cash


All submissions will be treated confidentially and will not be made available to the public. Only those directly involved in managing or judging the competition will view submitted documents. While summary details will not be disclosed, the competition organizers reserve the right to announce those who advance to subsequent competition rounds.

Host Organizations

Nova Scotia International Network Society (NSINS) and Global Shapers Halifax Hub



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